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Congratulations on the Peas Processing Plant Delivery

Source: / 02-11-2017

The new customer- Tonghui Grain & Oil Corporation, signed the contract on 30-40T Peas Processing Project with us in September. Tonghui Grain & Oil Corporation, as one large domestic pulses trading and processing company, is committed to peas trading and processing. After the allaround investigation, they chose Win Tone finally!

Peas Processing Plant Delivery


And the whole plant had been delivered on October,19th. 

Peas Processing Plant Delivery


Over the years, Win Tone Machinery has been specialized in pulses processing machinery research and production. The company takes the concept of Developing Health Food Material and Balancing Humans Dietary Patten, develops various pulses actively, like peas, lentil, soybean, mungbean, chickpea, black eye bean, etc. and overcomes the technological problems one by one.

Peas Processing Plant Delivery


On the international stage, Win Tone Machinery proves itself to the world as one integrated solution provider in grain processing!

Peas Processing Plant Delivery


We can contract to build 5-1000T/24H various pulses and other grain processing project, such as:

Various Beans Cleaning, Polishing and Color Sorting Project

Various Beans Peeling and Splitting Project

Coffee Beans Cleaning Project

Oat Cleaning Project

Oat Cleaning, Peeling, Milling and Grinding Project

Oat Flaking Project

Millet & Sorghum Cleaning, Milling and Grinding Project

Buckwheat Cleaning, Milling and Grinding Project

Barley Cleaning, Peeling and Grits Processing Project

Sesame and Flaxseed Cleaning Project

Various Seeds Dehulling Project

We’re sincerely looking forward to the cooperation with you!