Sorghum Dehulling and Whitening Machine



Win Tone TMFGL-25 sorghum dehulling and whitening machine is mainly used to peel the bran and whiten the sorghum. It is of high capacity and low brokens.

Sorghum Dehulling and Whitening Machine Features
1.The sorghum dehulling and whitening machine increases the sorghum value by improving its appearance and prolonging the reservation period.
2.The special spherical polishing technology reduces cutting but increases friction to the sorghum, decreasing brokens by 1% and power consumption 15% compared with other sorghum dehulling and whitening machine.
3.The polished sphere part uses food class stainless steel which is sanitary to process the sorghum.
4.Both of the shaft ends with large air input holes provide twofold air volume to control the temperature.
5.The sorghum dehulling and whitening machine uses combined screen frame, convenient to be dismantled.
6.The auto dampening system spray water in high pressure.
7.The fully on and off gate automatically control the feeding system with manual fine adjustment function.
8.Pressurization control system is adjusted by dial plate to control the output sorghum, more convenient and precise.


unhulled sorghum                                                  hulled sorghum


unhulled sorghum.jpghulled sorghum.jpg

Sorghum Dehulling and Whitening Machine Working Principles
The sorghum is fed in to whitening chamber through flow adjustment device, and conveyed by the screw head to the emery roll which grinds the bran at a speed and makes them rub between each other so as to dehull and whiten the sorghum. The aspiration system induce the bran and flour out of the sieve openings.


sorghum dehulling and whitening machine


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