JNPY-100 Rice Hulling Machine

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The Rice Hulling Machine is applied to supermarkets, grain shops, small processing plants and remote areas.
Small dimension, compact structure, reasonable design, simple transportation and maintenance;
High rice yield, full germ rate up to 80%;
Dust resistant, low noise, suitable for site operation;
Once processing, numerical control, easy operation;
Simple installation and low power consumption under voltage 220V.

The new type NC Rice Hulling Machine, a specialist of nutritious rice hulling equipment, is integrated with rice characteristics in China and technologies from Korea and Japan. It grinds rice under low pressure; the products are white and uniform, reserving over 80% of the germs, which increases 3 times the nutrients than common rice. Germs contain 70% of the nutrients, however, in our wrong habit we remove germs resulting in not many nutrients left, which largely wastes nutrition. The Rice Hulling Machine meets needs for nutrition and health with 75% rice yield, 100-150kg/h. The Rice Hulling Machine is robust and easy to operate.


Rice Hulling Machine Technicla Parameter

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