Buckwheat Peeling Machine


  Buckwheat hulling machine is usually used in the buckwheat processing plant. Buckwheat peeling machine is an ideal equipment for the removal of buckwheat husk. It serves as an essential element in the buckwheat intensive processing plants. It is mainly composed of body case, feed port canister, discharging port canister, shucking device, conveying device, mounting rack and so on. We can control buckwheat shucking rate and whole kernel yield rate by adjusting the gap between the two grinding wheels.

  The whole buckwheat processing plant (including buckwheat hulling machine) process procedures:

  Buckwheat raw materials should be processed by cleaning and classifying before hulling. The mudstone, soil, large and small impurities is removed first by multifunctional shaker. Then the material is conveyed to the classifying screen by bucket elevator for classifying. After this, it can enter into the buckwheat huller for buckwheat hulling. The machine is equipped with two emery rollers (lower and upper roller). When the raw material flows into the husking chamber, the high-speed rotating emery rollers cut and rub the buckwheat cortex continuously, which destroys the bonding strength between buckwheat endosperm and embryo. In this way, buckwheat husk is removed. After hulling, the buckwheat is processed by windmill screen, then enters into classifying screen. By vibrating and sorting, the buckwheat kernels and husks are separated and then the finished products are packaged. The unhulled buckwheat is sent back to the huller for continuous hulling.

  Features of buckwheat peeling machine

  ★The types of this series are improved by our company based on Japanese echnology;

  ★High hulling and head kernel ratio with few brokens;

  ★Clearance between emery roll can be adjusted, making sure optimized effect of hulling and head kernel ratio.

  The whole buckwheat processing plant (including buckwheat hulling machine) processing capacity: 20t-500t.

Techical parameter of Buckwheat peeling machine 

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